Yes now im in the new apartment, wihey :). Or i should feel so but some small/big things in my life take that feeling away. I moved this weekend with help of my loved ones and today the last things from the old place got here, so its now time for a new chapter in life.

Sitting here looking at my angel, what if she could talk what would she say ? Would she comfort me when needed, or give me advise in hard times? But now she can’t talk, so no comforting from there and no good advise. Still it gives me some kind of satisfaction looking at here nowing that she will still stand there in the morning when I wake up.

I’m in a rollercoster right now, up and down…. up and down.

It goes up when thinking of the move and then down because of my body not corporating with me, i want so much and i push my self too hard. Up again thinking of YOU, smiling and remember but just waitning  for the rollercoster to go down again, i know it will.. it always do.

Some hours later i understand i just have to take it as it comes, faith will determine which road i will walk. 🙂

Btw it was movie time yesterday and we went watching  Slumdog millionair, its one of the best movies ever loved it. If you have the time and chanse to see it you have to.