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Im in a mood where i look back and tries to make conclusions of what all my choises here in life have taken me, or where they could have taken me. And even if i wish i could have travelled more, gone corses and so i feel good. My life is good i have people i love around me friends that i know i can depend on and they can depend on me. I also realised that i have many years left of my life, i have time to travel, start a new education, yeah what ever i feel for doing… its only me myself that can stop me, and i will not let my self do that.  I have also listen to old music, looking back in the rear mirror can be so fun. Found so much music that i really missed, didnt know i missed them thou untill now when i heard them again. 😀

Otherwise it work fine to have Sebastian here, even if its not absolutelly topp right now. Bella ( my dog ) came a week ago and he has problem to adapt to that, feel sorry for him, he is on his guard all the time against her.  Its so sad because he dosent have to be like that, she is more afraid of him. She dosent even want to go near him, she walks a big loop to not get near him, and if he look at her she look at another way. But it gets better in the begining she didnt want to be in the same room and he got really mad by just seeing her in the other room, now they can be in the same room… so it goes forward, but oh so slow. I REALLY hope that they will adapt to eachother, they both have a part of my heart and i want them to feel good.

Time to wrap up now and look how Bella ans Sebastian  doing.