How hard can it be ? If they just could ask before they decide, and the excuse is; You know  …. and …. worked last year, but everyone ells then? We are’nt just 3 people working there. Beside, that was last year i also worked that weekend then, so i shouldnt have to work then either ? or?

So dont come and use that excuse!

Yeah im in a really bad mood right now, really considering other options now, who wants to be driven over every time to others advantage? Not me i can tell you!

1 2 3….. 9 10 Feels better just had to get it out in some way, now its out and my temper is on topp again ( i hope 😉 )

However it has been a beautiful day today just sad i could’nt enjoy it, had to work. Tomorrow thou i will enjoy the sun on my balcony and just feel free, like you all know i want to be.