The month thats start the summer for real. Atleast for us living up in the Northen Sweden, down south they’ve had summer now for a cuple of weeks, lucky them. Only last weekend we got to know the summer up here, sun and a blue sky. But for time being it dosent feel so summerish… Its blowing a cold cold wind and all you see is these grey/black clouds up in the sky. Giving my state of mind one more thing to overcome.

Much is happeing now friends and loved ones are leaving, some because they have to other because its not possible to stay, and to all that also old things comes up to the surface. Just hope that the summer will come back, and with that some sunshine for my soul.

I am already now thinking of the next weekend and what it will bring back. I do HOPE that saturday will be sunny and warm, so it overshine everything. 28 is just a number but when you put it in a context it suddenly changes to be something important, and you realise that the time is flying away and you have no chance at all to stop it.

Summer where are you.

I belive!