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Quite tired today, no much sleep this night. I was just turning and turning in the bed. It was to hot, to cold, to unwrinkled and so on. So i just got a few hours of sleep, during the litle sleep i got i dreamt and it was a nice dream. We where camping in the west. Relived it all over again really want to do that trip again, or  go somewhere els camping and create new memories to dream about. But the west has a special placce in my heart.

But now im awake to a new and beautiful day, or maybe not so good but you can atleast see the sun between the clouds 😉 And i will soon take Bella for a walk, so happy to have her here for some more days than planed, she will probably go on sunday though, a sad day. She did not either sleep this night but now she sleeps like a puppy  so as soon as she wakes up we’re off .

While waiting im surfing around the internet and when doing that i found this;

It looks interesting.

Have to stop surfing now, i will go and read instead while waiting. So many books to read so much to learn 😀

Love Is Like The Wind, You Can’t See It, But You Can Feel It.