Outside its grey and kind of cold, but i still feel this calm inside my self that makes me think happy thouhgts.

I have wounderfull friends, a family and a dear one that are absolutely amazing. With that you cant feel other than happy.

Having a day of from work and started that by taking a looong walk in the morning, although the gray weather it feelt good, nice to have time to walk and talk :D. Now i’ve started to fix with the apartment, lovley. But much to do, during these last weeks when i worked a little bit to much i have been neglecting that it needed to be taken care of. Now i have both time and the inspiration so today it will be nice and clean. And soon my litle cousin Hanna will come, then we will paint some  and move som furnitures :D. Now back to the cleaning so that is done when she comes.

Life is a series of ups and down.