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ok i admit it, i like Munich.

But i still belive that every city/town/village has something that makes them uniqe and nice. The sad thing is that sometimes the stuff thats not so nice takes over and you lose that nice feeling, still i have the nice feeling for Munich but you never know. Dont want to have to high expectations.

Nice weather and places to explore. When walking/biking in to town you pass the rich street with gucci, hugo boss, cartier, jimmy choo and you name it. Every high class brand is there, maybe you can guess where i would love to go in and shop ;D, Jimmy Choo! Except all these nice stores you also have all high class cars parked along that road, cars i never thought i would see in real life ive seen them all during one week here 😀

They have a BIG garden called Englischer Garten, stretching from the city centre to the northeastern city limits. It has an area of  3.7 km²  which makes it to be one of the world’s largest urban public parks, larger than New York’s Central Park but smaller than London´s Richmond Park. Very nice park where some people is walking around like they where born, naked ;D. Maybe not what i like about it, but still alot of people is doing that. I like that you have the Isar river that goes right thrue it, lots of big green areas and nice trees that give you shade when needed.

What can i say more, yeah the place where Joachim live in is called Lehel, a nice calm area as it seems so far. Morning sun thrue the window so no late mornings and the evening sun he has on the balcony, cozy.

Will take the bike now and go around the Englischer Garten and get lost again, so many different roads to take you never know where you end up. ;D