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Always be open to what life have to offer you and take chances. You never know where life will take you.

You can go to a restaurant to find something good to eat, and when you leave it you found something so much more important. You not always get what you seek, but you can in special cases find something better. So always be open to what life has to offer you and take all chances you get, it may prove to be you’re best decision ever.

Ok, back to what ive done today. Nothing :D, and it feels good. Woke up at 8 just to look at the clock and think i can sleep more, so i went back to the bed ( read sofa ) and manage to sleep until 10.30. First time in a long time i have been able to sleep out in the morning. V called later and we decided to meet up in town for some coffe, after that we walked around in the stores but nothing intresting there. I miss the nice stores in Bavaria.

Back home i got this strange desire to sketch. Looked around the apartment and after some time of searching i found what i needed, some paper and a pencil. This is the result.

Bild 106Bild 109Bild 110

And now a new day soon start, time to hit the sack. Need to rest my eyes, headache :S