Im searching for the right words. Is it any words thats right or is everything wrong.

I have really started to wonder if you can say the right ones  in any moment. You always think afterwards, i should have said it like this. Can you go back and change the words after? I dont think so, what said is said. The only thing you can do is to be thrue and dont lie, beacuse lies hurts. The truth can also hurt but still lies hurts more.

Im not the most learned person, i havent been going in school for x of years. But still i belive that i have knowledge that i have earned by reading books, living life and listen to people. Still some people can make me feel so dumb and they seem to enjoy it in a way, like they want to show me im not as good as them just because i havent gone theire way of learning. Who decide whats the right way ? My way maybe isnt the best but it is the way i have taken.

We all choose a different way of learning in life, by that saying we shouldnt look down on the ones that dosent take the way you are taking, we should insteed learn from eachother. Everybody can learn you something, im not saying you should love them all, but you should give them the oppertunity to share what they know or belive. I try to listen to people i dont love all of them, some i might  feel no conection at all to but still i try. You can learn so much from people around you, like what you shouold do and what you never should do. Still the most important thing is to listen and storage it in the back of youre head, because some day you might need that knowledge.

I said i have taken this way, for now. Nothing is writen in stone.