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You can say what you like about him, but a good speaker he is. Been listening to a lecture at the University in Aula Nordica where the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt gave a lecture on the Swedish Presidency in EU, Sweden and the EU;s role in the world and reported back from the UN Climate Summit in New York.

Emissions need to fall by 50-85% by the year 2050 if the world is going to keep control of the changes to the climate. According to the UN’s climate panel, the increase in the average temperature of the Earth should be no more than 2-2.4°C, while the increase in the water level should be no more than 0.4-1.4 metres, compared with pre-industrial levels.

2 celcius degrees plus can change everything. 2 degrees is enough to start to melt Greenland ice, a process which we have already seen the start. Ice-mass contains enough water to raise sea levels by several meters. If that happends Maldiverna will sink eventyally and also Bangladesh will disapeere, is that something we want? And what can we do to change it? Can we do anything?

USA and China – the worlds largest emitters. Together they stand for 40 procent of  the global emissions of greenhouse gases, they have to take stand now and do something together with the rest of the world. A new global climate agreement is needed, the Kyoto treaty is’nt enough.

However the world as we know it will change, whetever we like it or not.