I have never been one of them that has been writing diarys, tried to start to do it many times in my early days but it has always ended up with only 2 – 3 weeks of writing. Now it seems like i have more to say or maybe i just have grown in to it.

It takes a long time to grow young.

Seems like i write the most of the things that i have a hard time with while i  keep most of the good concealed in the real life. A way for me to procces all my thoughts i think. Toward people i try to be positive most time, and it is nice to be able to write out somethings without everybody around me noticing it. Sill not all i write is negative ( i hope ).

Some get both sides, these people is closest to my heart and they would always see if i was holding something in. They dont have to see me to know that they just know, so i rather tell these people the truth directly. Sometimes i wish i could keep my happy face to them to every day, but i know that wouldnt be fair to neither them or me. You share life with the ones you love. Even if you can get hurt, or even hurt them to in worse case but i have a belief in that they can forgive and so can i.

Now im writing alot, probably i need it. I think to much  and make up all these  unpleasant scenarios, better to write, to get it out of the system. Not all i write is public, actually most of it is only for me.

What you see here is only a fraction of what i write.

Writing is good i think we all do it more or less. Some write with words like i do, some maybe draw a painting to tell the story  and some just show it in their faces so other can read it and tell the story.

“It pains me to be quiet when my heart wants to speak.”