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We are all angels with one wing alone. If we hug each other, we can fly.

I dont need anything new now, its enough with what is happening right now. I will probably feel different in one year (i hope).

I have been under the beliefe: Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. But for now i take all that back, nothing is worth the pain you feel when you have to say bye to your best friend, the one you told everything , big or small. And how hard i turn and turn the whole thing i dont know how to do. Dont want to say bye, but i cant keep it when i feel like this. It will all end up in hatered.

But the hardest thing is still left, wish i did not have to do it but im foling my self if  i think i will go on without doing it, still i know that my heart will keep burning and waiting for many years more. Why cant i take away my feeling and erase them.

I was called Icequeen some years ago, today i miss that person. All other days ive been proud over what i have beacome and i never thought i would wish that i was my old me again, 10 steps back.

I know that nothing is forever, i have taught me that the hard way. But still why do we end up things in advance? To not get hurt? To not get attached? Afraid what other think?

I have no good answer to that except i dont think you can prevent getting hurt, if you have put some effort in to something ofcourse it hurts, and not less or more depending on the time that has past since the beginning. Attched, we go over that line the first time we share life with echother, whether we like it or not. You will alawys have people that dont approve in things we do, should we limit our life for them?

I could keep on writing all day, but i need to take care of my Bella.