Im living in a soapopera right now, atleast it feels so. As it it was not enough with one thing, now its more. Really dont know what i have done to deserve what i got yesterday, thankful to have people around me that support me though.

Maybe this is the best, But i still feel that i lost something, or have i…. My thought processes are really not taking any breaks right now, thoughts swirling around all the time. Yesterday i almost leted him win and belive in it, but today is a much brighter day and i can put my two own feets down and say NO!

We will probably restore some kind of trust once again. But for now its far away, years!

I will probably go stronger out of this, even so i wish this was something i did not have to deal with.

Im so sick the word strong, and people telling me im strong. Nobody knows whats going on inside in my heart mind and soul, thats very clear. Maybe i should open my self up more let people see more, but to what use. The one who needs to know knows, for me thats enough.

This was just one more update with some personal thoughts and ramblings.

A Wish

If I should stay here I would only be in your way. But I know I will think of you every step of my way wherever i go. Bittersweet memories, that is all I will be taking with me on my journey. I hope life will treat you kind and I hope you have all you ever dreamed of. More to that I wish you joy and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love.