We cant belive in everything.

Not everybody have the same believe. We should always listen and respect. But we should never loose our self and belive in everything they say just because we want to be loved or liked.

You, i, they, we cant always think the same about everything in life. What we can do is to trust in our self and not let people make us unsecure. Nobody is better just because he can talk for his cause.

Its easier to just follow the line instead of making your own, in short terms!

Looking back and realizing we did do not what we wanted, but what other wanted us to do is just not so fun. And its then we start to wonder if the easy way was right?!

Often its not, we have to put the feets down once in a while and tell people that we are not a stooge.

Sadly we will always have people around us that tries to limit us and to go the way they want, and they are damn good at convincing that they are god all mighty.