This year i have been writing alot about the missing snow and the not so funny rain, caused by to high degrees outside. But tell me why it has to exaggerate now when it finally comes ?

People, we are never satisfied 😉

The snow started to fall just a few days ago very nice and awaited. With that it also came minus degrees, about 10 minus and that okey.

So today i woke up to this lovely winter land and felt happy until i looked at the degree counter outside, it was 20 minus. I promise it was cold to bike to work.  Now at 17:00 its even colder, -24.

I better dress warm for the walk with Bella, talking about her she really loves the snow. It was a long tima ago since i saw her so happy when being outside, even if she always is happy ;). Jumping around in the snow like she was a puppy.

Walk time.