Finally we got some quality time. The project is finished and the reviews were very nice, cant be other than proud to know such a talented person

Yesterday we got out to meet some old schoolmate to J that was in town. So we meet up him and one of J co worker outside his work and then we headed to Hofbrauhaus. Where they had this live band playing old german melodies, we did not stay there for very long. Went by an augustiner pub before ending up at Atomic Cafe where we meet some other people, a very nice evening i did enjoy it a lot.

This morning we slept well without having the alarm waking us up, lovely.

Made up planes to go out and walk in the sun but time ran away and suddenly we had to rush to the cinema, The imaginarium of dr parnassus. A bit different movie but still it had some highlights, just wonder how it was meant to be? and how much they had to change when Heath Ledger sadly passed away?

Been reading some news to update my self a bit, and i really get sad over how it is in the world right now. Robbery and attacks at home in Umeå, the earth quake in haiti that has killed thousands of people, suicide bombers in Afgahn the list can be much longer but i end it here. So much bad things everywhere.

Some happy thoughts now, tomorrow will be super looking forward to the trip. I will never stop to explore life!