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Ended this strange evening with a talk with a very important person

We where not agreeing but still understanding eachother. A talk that in some strange ways lead to talk about earlier years in our life and how things been dealt then and now.

I have to say we may had some disagreements through the years and we will surely have some more. But I have always known thats she is there for me, she says what she have on her mind in both good and bad. Sometimes I listen, sometimes not. 😉

I never figured out how she always knows if im happy, sad or just bothered by somethings. And even if I sometimes wish she did not know Im thankful for that she does.

Always listen to me lets me talk and also discuss with all things with me, many times we dont agree with eachother. Many times i do what I want or feel, still I tell you, I have her words in my head.

Best of all she lets me do what i want, even if I know she is shaking her head about it, more than once. But she always is there for me!

This was an short contribution to the blog celebrating a wonderful and strong person, my mother.