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So the updates lately has been kind of fallen out, I have prioritized other things.

Ive been told I sometimes think to much, I have to agree with that too. 😉

When I sat on the plane back to Sweden the pilot announced that we passed by over Czech Republic and Prague, and as many times before when getting reminded of somethings i started to think and not soon I was flying around in my thoughts not knowing how some of the things could pop up in my mind. Here comes a scramble of it, wrote it down on a napkin to be able to write it down later here.

Enjoy what is that? and if you enjoy does that mean that other also do? Maybe they dont, how can we then make them enjoy or maybe your the one not enjoying without knowing.

Will laughing make you live longer? Or does it just makes you enjoy life more so it feels longer?

Do we live our life when we are awake or is the real life when we sleep and dreams? Sometimes it would be nice, in the dreams we can fly and travel in a second to far places. But the bad dreams then?

Is some words here in life more important than others? Do we feel different for some of these words?

Metaphors, are they good or bad? I believe we use them with good intension but sometimes they dont do what they where meant to do. Instead of helping understanding they can create confusion.

Can you love all about a person? Or do we have to see them as they are and take the good with the bad?

Back to the first sentence, prioritizing. What make us prioritize and during which circumstances do we change them, or will we ever change them? If we knew we had only one year to live, how would we think? Is being with family, friend or maybe traveling what we would want to do?  I cant answer how  I would prioritize, probably because I dont have to. Still a wonder. Would I change my priors in life? My belief and hope is that I would keep a big part of how I prioritize today.

Was so much more that was swirling around then and there but the napkin was to little, and after a while i did not have any place to write on. Still I got some of the thoughts written down.