Been talking to a good friend that called me, nice to have people that care. After talking some time I complained over having a bad headache, his answer to that was; You are thinking to much. Maybe thats the thing with me, I analyze everything back and forth. Dont think its good to do that really.

Why, when, how, who, maybe or not and so on…. If I just could stop doing that.

Nothing in life is easy, and I think it has to be like that otherwise we wouldnt appreciate the good things. But please tell me why it has to be so damn hard sometimes, just a little would be enough. I promise I would not have any problem appreciate the good things even if it was just little hard.

The society we live in is having so many things we have to concentrate on. We have work/school to do, we have to keep us updated whats going on in the world, always new technical to learn and update. In between all these things we have to take care of friends and family and in the same time not loose our self and the dreams we have. Is there any way to manage all this without loosing some of it on the way ? I hope that is plausible,even if some days feels like hell, and its impossible to manage to do what life requires of you during our 24 hours long days and still get time to sleep.

Talking about sleep maybe I should try that out now, no high hopes of succeeding thou.