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Wait until she smiles, then she has accepted it. Now to the question what has she accepted, and how can you accept anything when you dont even know you are supposed to do that? Trust is the most important thing and if somebody said one thing and you trust that one, thats what you accept.

I wish the weather outside could be on my side today instead of shining with the most beautiful sun ever. Cold and grey would have been my colors for today if i could have decided. Now its just teasing me, trying to sleep after not sleeping at all this night, but the light even comes in when the eyes are closed. Headache is rising above all things, telling me to sleep. But all this pictures comes up as soon as I get closer to drifting away and I wake up again.

Love to me is like sand I hold it in my hands. And the wind blows it away before theres anything I can say. No matter how well I build it up it always seems to fall down. No matter what shape I make it always turns into a mistake so although I hold the sand I know it’ll slip out of my hand.