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Dreaming nightmares we all do once in a while some of us more than others, but what should we call them when dreaming them in the day.

Daymares ? Sounded pretty strange, maybe just because its a new word. But  i doubt it would be a popular word anyway, nobody wants to dream nightmares and less having the same dreams in the day.

Im awake after sleeping now, or dont know if I can call it sleep, more dreams in it than usually not all nice but oh so real, in some I felt really like I was awake. Long walk now to get all these bad visions in my head to disappear, and let Bella that has been so nice and quiet during the day to run around waving her tail and talk 🙂

Four hours to work again, and after that 10 hours nightpass Im free until next weekend 🙂

˙·٠•●♥Poem ♥●•٠·˙

How I feel for you is so hard not to say, but I have the fear of chasing you away.

Times we spend together I treasure in my heart, but in denying my feelings I am just playing a part.
I want to hold back but find it hard to do, there is something so special in spending time with you.

I can close my eyes to things I don’t want to see, but I can’t close my heart to things I don’t want to feel.
I would rather risk my heart to the possibility of pain than to never feel the joy of loving again.