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A move night with my younger brothers, so I thought I would give you all a review.

Im not a professional, its just my own thoughts.

The Secret of Moonacre

Its a movie for the little younger crowd. You will in the end understand it has something important to tell us. Maybe can you say its a classic adventure story about forgiveness and pride.

Maria loose both her parents and all that she get to keep is her “nanny” and a book from her father. Maria moves to her uncle in  Moonacre and there she understand quite soon that she is the key.

Even if its made for the younger crowd I enjoyed watching it.

The second movie for today was

Largo Winch

This movie is based on a serie, and its about an company boss adoptivson that has been raised to lead and win. Although he likes to do things in his own way.  Most parts of the movie is based in the East states and Hong Kong.

It all starts with that he gets forced to go to HK and take over his fathers company after his dead. And directly there he has to start an search to save the company, and that search takes him out on new and old roads, will he find whats needed and know who to trust?

An ok movie. It keeps you interested and you will find some really nice sceneries in it. They talk three languages in it English, French and Serbo-Croatia so if you dont speak/understand these languages  you will need to have subtitles.