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A second of inattention and a disaster could be close.

Never let your mind glide away.

New day new things to take care of, life never goes on hold just because you do.

Tonight it has been the Academy Awards, and I  have in some way manage to not knowing that. Still I guess they have talked all week about it, but it has slipped pass my eyes. Will be interesting to see who of all nominees that got the award.

So far I’ve seen that Avatar, not surprisingly won the Best visual effects award, also best cinematography and best art direction award they managed to grab.

But most happy am I that UP got the award for best animated film.

Think I have to re see it tonight, could be nice to have something happy like that to see.

Photographer: Vandersault

And from now one Bella are wearing leach when we are out, and I will walk over on the other side meeting any dog. No question about it!