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My family has been here today, and before they left my mother left  me a box filed with treasures, old old frames from of my family and people around them. Now my spare time is saved 😉

A lovely  photo album, and here under some of what you can find inside it

The man in whits shirt is my grandfather.

A niece to my grandmother.

My grandmother with her parents.

Grandmother with one of her sisters.


Some of the pictures is kind of a document in life back then.

Not really sure either it is lumberjacks or raftmen.

lumberjack gang, guess my grandfather stand some where in that crowd.

K4. Swedish army cavalry regiment.

A wild guess this is, The Swedish Womens Voluntary Defense Service.

I just wish some of these people could have been alive so I would get some names and background of the people in the frames, now I just have to guess. Kind of fun that to, but still…

One frame that made me really curious today is this one.

Its placed first in one of the albums and its quite big. No writings under or behind it that tells me who it is, but it seems to be important when its placed first or is that just a coincidence. I will probably never get to know that.