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Just came thrue the door after one evening out.

Dinner at Gandhi with co workers much laughter.

Passed by Umeå open and listened to two concerts, Melissa Horn and Salem Al Fakir.

Melissa was really good kind of melancholic and you cant listens to her without feel the songs. Salem surprised me in a good way and looking at him dancing at stage really gave me a smile, its like looking at Rocky dancing and he also in a way resemble him. 🙂

Im lucky to have people around me that can divert my mind from what a otherwise would toss and turn around in my head until nothing is like it should.

Now time to turn the clock forward one hour- summertime and then lay my head on the pillow and hope to sleep.

Im like a wingless bird, im bleeding and im hurt. There is a storm in my heart that tears the inside of my heart.

Im searching answers the truth and understanding.

The search of…

Sometimes, it simply waits. And maybe one day?