The summer has finally arrived, 24° in the shadow what more to ask. Enjoying the day on my balcony with Bella. Soon leaving for some action, paintball. Will be hot running around hiding in the woods, but oh so fun.

A sneakpeak what has happened lately.

Never stop dancing.

A saturday night with co-workers

Last weeks pain(t)ball crew


Very amused :D.

Sunday and beach volleyball.

Thats all for now…

Been trying to clean up the computer, hopping that it will stop fighting with me by that. And while doing that I found this one hiding in one map.


Baby you are everything that I want, I find it hard to believe. When you’re laying here in my arms, we’re in heaven. And our love is all that I want, that love is all I need.

I was so wrong for so long time only trying to please everyone around me, I know I should have treated my self better. I’ve been walking on the road of learning.

I found you’re heart somewhere between and now I know how to treat my self and I want to keep this feeling forever. The key to my heart are forever handed over, I hope you take good care of it and never loose it. Once lost its hard to find again.

(Written 2008 in august)

Nice to find these things you have forgotten.

Now I wrap this up and head out to get some sun.