I know I’ve been away for a long time now…. Much to deal with, so I have chosen to not write when the thoughts is swirling around like they have done. Cant say they are swirling less now but I miss writing so now a little update is coming.

On Monday  i have my first day of summer vacation, looking forward even thou its rainy and cold outside.

Spent alot of my time since my last update at work or with coworkers/friends, well needed.

Also have been sick again seems like im always sick. Really hope i will manage the rest of the summer now without  getting anything els.

Last night we went out to Allstar and watched VM, England was playing. Then just walked over to Invito and talked all night, a very pleasant night.

Now Im trying to find any clothes  and then head out to Ostnäs and eat some nice dinner with my coworkers, what happens after i dont know. 😀

No more to say, no deep thought to share at this time, I keep them by my self. Someday i probably will share them here.