Leaving for a short trip tomorrow to our capital, will meet up old and new friends, and just try to have a blast.

Like I earlier said it has been much thoughts swirling around and now I think I will share some of them, dont know if it will make me any wiser but maybe it can help just by letting it out.

You should always be able to say whats on your mind even if the other part dosent agree with you, thats a big pillar in what I believe  in. Take my family/friends as a comparing to that. We not always agree, we fight and even sometimes scream to each other but in the end we make up, and can perhaps agree that we not agree. That one of the things I love about my family and friends, that we can fight  and disagree and still love each other, for me thats really important.

You cant always compress your own feelings and thoughts just to please someone els, just because they would be “sad” if you did so. What about your  thought are they less important just because of that person believe they know everything and always have right? No that cant work, someday the glas will be filled and what to do then, you cant help anybody by letting them act like kings.

Maybe we have to choose when and where to take the fights, but however you turn it no time is the right time, you can always find a reason to not. So you just have to choose the one that feels less wrong. Of course you will fail, but thats the beauty with family/friends you can always repair it as long as you have a understanding from both sides.

My friends is my family and my family is my friends, love you all!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

How to go on when you dont want to, why move forward when all that you ever wanted is behind you? In some way we manage to do all this. But what happens the day the memories and faces rise up in front of you… Are you strong enough to close your eyes and go another way, only time will tell.

Stay or leave, that is a big question. Your heart say one thing and your sense another…. And why will you stay or vice versa… The day I know the answer  I will do it with out even look back at all, just enjoying knowing!

Some of the swirling thoughts i have been wrestling with and in some ways still wrestles with.

Back to my vacation and the football, even if it seems to not go all to well for the teams i cheer on! 🙂