The sun is shining and it only gets hotter for every day. On saturday they say will be over 30 degrees, lovely.

Eating good food and hanging out with friends.

Im staying at my old friend Priya, nice to catch up with her, many years since I last saw her. Have meet up some more friends too and today I helped two of them moving, driving car and a carry in the city.

It went allright mum, no problems at all ;).

Now back in Bromma waiting for Priya thas is having a get together with her coworkers, cant be other than nice in this heat.

A boattrip tomorrow is on the scheduale, will be back on saturday. And if the weather stay like this im heading out to Ekerö for some beach sun then.

Over all everything is Niice, I´ll be back in town on tuesday!

Just a short update so you know.