Much has been happening since my last update, will try to do an update with photos. Will start with the trip to Stockholm.

A week with much fun, meet up old and new friends. Living with my old friend Priya, catching up whats been happening the last 10 years. Meet up some really tired movers, that where trying to get their new home like the want. Also saying hey to some UID friends. Took the boat out to the archipelagos and on the last day I went to Gröna Lund and went carousels. So much more happend but life is to short to write it all down here and now, so I keep it all in my head as memories to pick up in the future and recall.

Back home from Stockholm I went climbing, it has been little of that during the vacation but now im back on track.
Starberget, Vännäs

And in the beginning of this week a crew went on a trip to Vindeln and tried out some rafting, really fun wanna do it more

Now, there you have a bit what I have amused myself with this summer, and there will be more 😀