Looking back into some old writings… Really makes me see how it all can change, no wrong with that… without changes we will not go further in life and just stand tall there and then.

Have no date on this but I belive its about one year old.

I’m not perfect

The night is so calm I’m wishing you are near lying beside me. But I wonder why things aren’t doing fine It’s hard to understand this crazy love of mine. I can’t resist the smile you give even if I know that you’re just faking it. My heart was completely blinded by you blind enough not to notice that you’re fooling me. You’ve hurt me…

We might all be blind. Be it as it were, blind we may be, but we don’t have to be fool enough to walk into the future backwards AND blindly. Search for nothing in others that you haven’t found in yourself. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to really love life (myself)

I’m clever, kind, optimistic, and am a very reflective girl. I can bring out the best and the worst but i strive to bring out the best, always, to all things alive. I am a lover. I like to make others feel good within themselves so that i can feel good to me. If i can’t for some reason assist with healing wounds, then i am condemned to reflect those wounds. Empathy is strange, it grants salvation and doom. Reflecting any emotion or state of mind, no matter the range, gives both pleasure and insurmountable pain. I choose to live to reflect the best.

We might all be blind. And I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to really love life (myself)

Be good to yourself, beautiful and honest. And if you find a misplaced heartbeat please look for the moon and the sun.