Looking out my window and see how the leafs are turning from green to light yellow make me feel the fall is coming. It turns from summer to fall so fast. Want the summer to stay forever!

Not to belittle all I have done before but in some way this summer has been giving me so much.

I finally can say I’m strong again. Many unexpected and unnecessary things from before had taken that felling away from me, but now I can look back and say I did it even though it was hard, I walked the road and made it to be my own.

Have had a wonderful weekend, lots of friends and fun things has been on the schedule.

beautiful girls in the sofa.

a big hug to you just because you are you 😀

Thanks to you all for being in my life you enlighten it!

Just had to borrow this picture, he is such a character. ;). Borrowed the pic from here.

Yesterday it was time for some seroius training again; love love love love love ;).

Now its work again and im still HAPPY!