It amazes me so that we enter a relationship with a whole heart and when leaving  it we always miss a piece. And where the the piece once satt you will soon find that the memories you created will mend the hole so the heart once again is whole.

No different between if it lossing a friend, lover or familymember,  I belive this is the way it always turn out to be.

Some people come in to your life as friends and become to be so much more, some the other way. And once in a while you will be up to the beat to the some persons that you will regreet for a long time that you ever did let in. But still we need to dare and take that step, because by being afraid we never will go forward at all.

A boat is nice and so to look at in the harbour, but its not ment to be there ;). I know its a crazy way of seeing it but it is still good, however rocky the boat is it ment to travel the seas.