I’ve realized that during this time me not writing so much has happened that I don’t really know where to begin to tell, so I wont even try. You will surely hear some of it now and maybe later but I wont do any rearmirror writing. Some will just not be told but what do that do, as long as I know and the ones who is in my life!

I usually write a little bit in riddles, but I will do an exeption today and write a little bit less in riddles! 😉

Sometimes in life you stumble over the ONE, I’m happy to say that I found someone that I never thought I would find atleast not now and like that.

Life has its twists, you decide to go out on a saturday, and to a place you never goes to… And the rest is now history. Sometimes it seems like it is ment to be, because why would I have been so on to going just to that place when I usually try to get so far away from that that I can, I like this twist.

We all change over the years. Then I was east and you west. But over the years it seems like we have been movig around and now we both stand here.

True love is not something that comes everyday, follow your heart, it knows the right answer.

Like I started this post I wont try to tell what has been happening this last month, but I promise you guys I’ve had a blast.

I smile, on the other side of the table now somebody sit, and just looking over the laptop and see his face makes me happy. So this will be the last line I write for now.

Ps. Give me a reminder now and then to keep on writing 😉 Ds.