I promised that I would keep writing, but I now see that the time is not always on my side. I will keep this going but the posts will probaly not be as frekvent as before.

I have some plans to post a videosekvens from last time we where in Lycksele, think you may enjoy it.  So keep your eyes open it may come when you least expect it.

Other than that… I’m sick AGAIN, my poor body seems to have taken vaccation atleast the defender against virus.  So I spend my time sleepping and in front of the computer screen. It gets on my nervs to be sick, I cant do anything even how much I want to. I get dizzy, nausious and breathless just by walking around in the apartment, but still I try to do what I can.

 But it seems not to be all to populare at everyone, Fredrik just shake his head to me and call me stubborn. He has so right, stubborn I am ( he also 😉 ).

Oh, I just have to tell you this…. So so happy right now, and in three month me, fredrik and the dogs will move to an really nice apartment on haga, topfloor. Love you F!

Thats all for now time to do something more productive like do the dishes 😉