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After two nights of work im now  free until sunday night before its time to dress up in the blue hospital clothes again 🙂

This friday will be a nice home evening in front of the tv with my heart and the dogs. Maybe some time will be spent to fix the ” walk in closet” but as it feels right now i will leave that until tomorrow.

Oh i have forgotten to post the pics showing how the apartment looks now after fixing it, so here you have….


and times go by…

and now we are done, for now atleast…


Just to end this post Im going to take up something that I have been thinking of.

Im swede and lives in Sweden but still i write in English, and now after much thinking  I still decided to keep writing in English. I started this blog writing in English and even if things in life have changed I will keep It like this.

Its a good way to keep up my English in both understanding and writing 😉