What to say… Hmmm…

I can start to say HAPPY B-DAY to one of my younger brothers that had birthday yesterday, watch out on sunday we will come and hope to get some cake, but i guess mom will do that ;).

Yesterday it was a really really nice aurora borealis, and as always my thougts wander away then, Miss you,  love you and you will always be in our hearts!!

Plus degrees today too, im starting to feel optimistic… Maybe the summer soon is here, I do hope! Its so nice to wake up in the morning and see the sun outside…

Even if life is totaly great right now some things is poking me, sadly i cant do anything about it but it. I will still write it down, as I have noticed before that writing it down often make me “forgetting” it.

I am so fed up with people that say things an then act in one other way. And why cant some people be so straight up that they talk to you insted of turning the hand against you and pretend you havent known eachother at all?? Gives me a headache! Gaaahhh, i am in one way pised of and in another way i fell sorry for them!

I couldnt care less but still I wonder how you can change to exactly what you have said you dont are…. Its funny, I cant do anything els than smile !

Okey now im done, of we go….

Many plans right now that are swirling around in our brains, it will be FUN!

Ouver and out for now!