here we come, tomorrow early morning we take the dogs and all packing( and I promise you it’s alot of packing) and start to drive down.
I really look forward to this trip, the weather dont look all to great but that is alright… The trip in it self is enough for me. We will have so fun with or without the sun 🙂
We will go by Stockholm on the way down and perhaps say hello to some friends, then it’s all open we haven’t even booked any place to live yet. 😀 But that will not be a problem in worse case senario we will nap in the car one night…. Hehe life is unpredictable!
This is just a short trip so on Sunday we will head up again to umea, making a short detour to Örebro to meet up one of my friends that I haven’t meet for a long while – looking forward to that !
Now time to sleep so I wake up to the alarm tomorrow 🙂