This aint all, but is sums it all up in a good way.

The story about the trip comes here, things will be forgotten or just choosen to not be writen 🙂 But most of it will be here xwritten down.

After some trips to the garage with our car we left early thursday morning to drive down to Öland, the plan then was to just drive a bit and then sleep and drive the last bit in the morning. We was at gävlebro early in the morning , and changed driver there I did not want to drive in STHLM so i left the sterringwheel over to  F.

Next stop was at Ågesta where the dogs could come out and walk a really nice and longwalk in the nice walking area, also had the oppertunity to meet up an old friend to us both, for me it was atleast 15 years ago since I saw here :), and she meet up us in the door with her little boy in her arms, such a joy he was to look at. Always smiling it seems like, I wish them all luck.

THen back to the car and driving and as the hours and miles went away we decided to drive the whole trip on thursday, so at 23:00 and ca 115 swedish miles later we ended up at Eriksör campingplace. Ofcourse nothing was open then so we naped a bit in the car, next morning we got our cabin and got to know the surronding. It was indeed a lovely camping, they called them self the most dog friendly camping- And they sure was that!!!

Two days goes fast, we went up early in the mornings to be able to enjoy it all as much as we colud. We was in Kalmas looking around (IKEA), Färjestaden also got our hawkeyes on it :), långe jan and Borgholms castle also… Other than that we just droved and looked , love that island!

Early sunday it was time again, packed both packing and dogs in the car and started the trip up again. A different way this time when I had a plande trip to Örebro and meet up cute Cookie that lives and goes school there, the road there was not the fastest so the time ran away while driving. But I still got the time to take a fika with her and take a little walk and hear how she has it down there, we will meet up this summer again but then it will be in STHLM.

As I earlier said the time ran away so did also the daylight and the rain came upon us…. So after some not all to nice driving we decided to stop the car and get some rest, Harmånger got after some missed stops to be the place. A short nap and 4 in the morning we started to drive the last miles home to Umeå where we ended up  early morning.

The end of this trip, but we have many more to come 😉

P.s Coming home to a apartment with a bouquet with yellow roses really warms the heart D.s