Its your birthday today, you would probably had a big party today and celabrating your 30 birthday. Days like this I kind of fall back in memories, memories I always will have, thanks good for memories 🙂

You know where my thought are today!

Words are hard to describe feelings,
I have always been better with images.
Yet writing down how much I miss you,
seems to give more tranquility.

Writing to let go, to this all a place.
It will never heal, it will never go away.
But just learning it give it time and space.

I can tell you how much I care, how much I wolud give
to have you back in my life.
But you know all of this and it won’t change anything,
thats what i am learning within time.

Writitng to tell you how much I have learned, to show you
that through fragility I become a stronger person.
More able to understand, more able to listen and to care.
Hurt trough loss, I’ve become yet a wiser person.

I miss you my little brother!