I seem to have a hard time to remember to write here right now, or maybe should say the last year ;). Atleast I write sometimes.

To see it in a positive way, life is keeping me busy…

I/we are rellay going thrue big changes right now, will be fun to see what the year 2012 will contain…

Having a free day, or atleast almost. I have the night shift tonight, but its not until 2100 that I start πŸ™‚ So today I just taking it easy, right now I’m cheking out old pics, much fun!

Here are one pic of my dear little Bella, from 2009 if I remember right. Taken with a Hasselblad if im not wrong. (Thank you JFH for that)


This is from June 4 2010.

Will miss this girl now when she moves. Wish them all luck in the world! And hope to see her soon.


Pics from July 2010.

I’m really longing for summer and missing my long hair πŸ™‚


To more memory lane today, time to do something usefull.

See ya someday later, take care!