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Have had an awsome weekend in Stockholm.. Even though it did’nt really go like planed.. 2 hours delayed airplane on the way there and cancelled busses, but hey taxi works also. Loved the hotell, one of the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten, and an own coffemachine in the room ;).

Big demonstration in town that limited us in where to go, and barriers for the Nobelparty… But it did do absolutely nothing, we enjoyed it, laughed, rested and walked. It is what you make it, so to speak!

When going home it all started as on the way there… Delayed airplane, first only 20 minutes but soon it was 2 hours.. and so did it go on. At 23:25 we finally was up in the air and on the way home to our north winterland again. Home sweet home, there my beloved brother stod with car ready to take us home ( Bella too 🙂 ) Stort TACK S!!

And now back to everyday trot, the clock set to 07:00. Open one eye to then force yourself out of bed and start this day, to go out in the cold (- 11.3 ° C)

Evening view from the hotellroom, 13th floor. (Radisson Blu Waterfront)